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Turkish Girl tramples him in Sneakers

You have messed with the wrong girl. First you though you could have a nice date with this young turkish lady. But then everything went terribly wrong. She forced you to lay on the ground on the back and just before you were able to do or say anything, this cruel little brat stepped up your chest and put her sneakers right on your face. “Lick”, was everything she said. Of course you were frightened and didn’t know what else this wicked girl had planned for you, so you started to lick the dirt of her well worn sneakers


2 Girls trample a guy with Sneakers

He has always been everything else than friendly to his female assistants. He was known as “the bad mooded loser”. And then, one day he went one step too far by calling one of the girls a bitch. After the work was over they kidnapped him, and mummified him by using some plastic bags and sticky tape. Unable to move or resist he was totally delivered and under their control. Now those girls had their revenge they have been waiting for so long. Both girls trampled him was he was lying there, with their smelly sneakers. They made him do humiliating things like licking their shoes clean. One of them even rested her shoes on his face. Since that day, he was actually known as “the good mooded foot slave” and he has never been unfriendly to his female assistants anymore