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Under my Sneakers … dirty Footslave

This doggy here has once been my boy friend. I know I know, it’s nearly unbelievable, but it’s the truth. Today he is just my “foot dog” as I call him. I found out one day that he rather sniffs my stinky gym socks than having sex with me. First I was upset and confused even a bit sad, but then everything was great. I figured out my personal advantage of his freaky foot fetish. Do you know how? Well I told him that if he wouldn’t do everything I want, I would simply tell everybody in his agency that he is just a little foot slut who loves to lick female feet. You cannot believe how much he wanted to worship me as I blackmailed him hahaha… Now he got used to lick my sneakers clean, eat dirt for my amusement and be my living foot stool. Oh – my time is running out. Sitting here and telling you stories and just forgot my date with Darrel. Well – see you later, and doggy, you will clean all of my sneakers as soon as I leave the house, understood? After doing a good job you will earn the privilege to sniff my stinky feet…